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The official project period for NIW, Nordisk innovationsnetværk for Velfærdsteknologi, has now ended, but the networks continues unchanged through our LinkedIn groups, which now boasts more than 1200 participants.

Join the Network

To join the Nordic Innovation Network for Welfare Technology on LinkedIn, just access one of the groups below, read more about the theme, click '"oin Group" and accept.   


Ease of sharing on Linkedin

In the LinkedIn groups you can easily share your knowledge by creating a discussion-post and share information and thoughts about projects, literature, recommendations, challenges, solutions, news, initiatives, events or other topics of relevance. 

The ideas and need for networking within this theme are the same as always, so we hope you will join us in the LinkedIn groups, and we are looking forward to sharing knowledge with you on "Nordic Innovation Network for WelfareTechnology" in the future.

Material on the NIW Themes

Download and print the information booklets (as 4-page A5) for the themes in English or Nordic language.

In English language:
NIW - Cognitive support using new Technology - English
NIW - Safety at Home - English
NIW - Empowerment and Technology for People with Chronic Conditions - English

In Nordic language:
NIW - Kognitiv støttet med anvendelse af ny teknologi - dansk
NIW - Trygghet i hemmet - svenska
NIW - Empowerment og teknologi for mennesker med kroniske lidelser - dansk

Project group

Gunnar Michaelsen, NIW theme responsible and group owner for "Cognitive Support Using New Technology"

Raymond Dahlberg, NIW theme responsible and group owner for "Safety at Home"

Helen Houmøller Rasmussen, NIW theme responsible and group owner for "Empowerment and Technology for People with Chronic Conditions"

Henrik Svensson, Responsible and groupowner for “NIW Main Group”

Dennis C. Søndergård, NIW manager and Norden/NVC representative

Dennis C. Søndergård


Dennis C. Søndergård

Projektledare Välfärdsteknologi

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