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Applications for project funding are now welcomed under the Nordic Council of Ministers' co-operation programme for the integration of refugees and immigrants.

In the spring of 2016, the ministers for Nordic co-operation decided to make the integration of refugees and immigrants a top priority. A co-operation programme has now been adopted and a pool of money earmarked for projects in all of the Nordic countries.


The purpose of the programme is to support national efforts by bolstering Nordic co-operation on the integration of refugees and immigrants, by encouraging the countries to share experiences and by generating new knowledge.

The new programme outlines a series of milestones on the way to achieving this overall objective:

  • Spreading and sharing Nordic knowledge and experiences of integration
  • Bringing together the official agencies and stakeholders in the Nordic countries who deal with integration, including ministries, boards, official agencies, local authorities, regional authorities, practitioners, experts and civil society
  • Supporting ongoing integration work in the Nordic countries.

As part of the co-operation programme, the Nordic institution Nordregio will help setting up a knowledge and information unit at the Nordic Welfare Centre, another Nordic institution in Stockholm. The programme also includes a major research project on integration and closer political co-operation in the Nordic Council of Ministers on integration issues.


DKK 1.8 million was earmarked for 2016.

DKK 3 million has been earmarked for 2017.


Applications may be submitted at any time.

Submit your application to Senior Adviser Catrine Bangum, ca cc. Co-ordinator Kristina Marie Jensen

Further information

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with Senior Adviser Catrine Bangum, ca or Co-ordinator Kristina Marie Jensen .

All other compulsory information is contained in the attached document below.

Deadline for application

Dec 31, 2017

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