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The successful integration of immigrants has become one of the top current issues for Nordic policymakers, partly because of recent refugee flows, but also since many Nordic regions need more inhabitants to fill labour market needs and contribute to the tax base.

Between 2011 and 2016, 40 per cent of Nordic municipalities experienced a population decrease. This means that politicians in these predominantly rural municipalities face a dilemma: How are they able to offer citizens good municipal services with consistent quality on a decreasing tax base?

Many municipalities already struggle to recruit workers in health care, schools and welfare. Since those who leave are often of working and child-raising age, this challenge accumulates over time.

Encouraging practices have been emphasised to illustrate national and local responses to these issues. 

The integration policies and practices of six Nordic regions and municipalities:








On our Scandinavian website you will find more examples of best practices from the Nordic countries.



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