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Improved migration flow management in Lithuania

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In partnership with Lithuania’s migration authorities KS has contributed to improving registration of migration arrivals, reception of asylum seekers, as well as settlement and integration of refugees in Lithuania.

Lithuania is party to the 1951 Refugee Convention, a Schengen Area Country, bound by the Dublin Convention on asylum applications and has committed to implementation of the EU refugee burden-sharing agreement. In order to fulfill these obligations and commitments it was agreed to allocate bilateral funds under the Norway Grant 2009-2014 programme for cooperation between authorities in the donor and beneficiary state to assess Lithuania's ability to comply. KS was designated as donor project partner.

KS's contribution to the project included sharing of good Norwegian practice though organising two study tours for Lithuanian officials in June 2017.

A first group of 7 Lithuanian officials interested in Norwegian settlement and integration policies and systems was briefed by the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration, the Directorate of Integration and Diversity, the National Police Immigration Service and KS on legal provisions, regulations, status determination, appeals procedures, communication with stakeholders, return of rejected asylum seekers, as well as on settlement and integration. The group visited two reception centres for unaccompanied minors and spent a full day with the refugee integration services in Vestby municipality. Finally, the group observed how Nittedal municipality gives content to the mandatory introduction programme to Norwegian language and civic skills which is seen as a crucial toolbox for integration into and participation in society and the labour market in Norway. This programme which is mandatory for recipients of an arrival allowance is designed to promote quicker social and economic autonomy for the newly arrived refugee.

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