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Use of video-analysis as a tool for the assessment of cognition in individuals with congenital deafblindness

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During the course an introduction is given on cognition, cognitive assessment in individuals with CDB and the use of video-analysis.

Participants will learn about the guidelines formulated by the network on cognition in relation to CDB, with a specific focus on video-analysis. They will also learn about theoretical concepts relevant for the assessment of cognition in individuals with CDB, such as embodied cognition, ecological psychology, and tactile cognition.

The course is free of charge. 


Dr. Saskia Damen, Ph.D.
Flemming Ask Larsen, Ph.D.

Target group

Professionals that are involved in the evaluation or assessment of people with CDB. They can be directly working with individuals with CDB (e.g. teachers), or be involved in training or supporting parents and staff (e.g. consultants, psychologists). 


The language of the course is English.

Course venue (physical and virtual) 

It is possible to take part in the course both physically and virtually.

Physical venue:

For physical participation, the venue of the course is at Statped, Oslo, Norway
Address: Gamle Hovsetervei 3, 0768 Oslo, Norway

Virtual venue:

Participants who wish to attend via a video connection, will be sent a link for before the start of the conference. No special technical equipment needed.
When registering for the course, you will need to choose the alternative that suits you best.


Register by December, 16th 2016.


Start: 2017-01-10 - kl 09:00
Slut: 2017-01-10 - kl 14:00
Statped, lecture hall, building D (D129), Oslo, Norway or via video
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