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A Welfare Policy Patchwork - Negotiating the Public Good in Times of Transition

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Edited by Matilda Hellman,
Gun Roos & Julius von Wright

The Nordic welfare state is changing, and there is much concern about where it is headed. Some of these concerns and challenges include the shifting boundaries between the state and the market, the advance of globalization and multiculturalism, social exclusion, poverty, and population ageing. Rather than fuelling the moral panic surrounding the dismantling of the Nordic welfare state, this book aims to show how the bits and pieces that form the Nordic states have been adapted, assembled and rearranged.

The 13 case studies in this anthology look at recent developments in lifestyle, public health and welfare in the Nordic countries in the policy areas of alcohol, tobacco, nutrition, illicit drugs, gambling and pharmaceuticals. These studies describe and analyse the underlying motives, forces and aims of the changes in policies concerned with the regulation of consumption. All of them reveal interesting relationships between decision-making and current views on the problems.

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Below you can read and download the introduction of the book, and the abstracts of the chapters.


The architectural patchwork of the welfare state (new page)
Matilda Hellman & Gun Roos

Identifying trends in developments

The Regulation of Smoking and Smokers in Norway 1964–2010 (new page)
Gunnar Sæbø

Food and welfare. Nordic nutrition policy and the current paradox of regulating obesity in Norway (new page)
Unni Kjaernes & Gun Roos

Swedish Tobacco policy. From rational choice to ”harms to others” (new page)
Jenny Cisneros Örnberg & Tove Sohlberg

Gambling, policy issues and the public good. The case of Finland (new page)
Johanna Järvinen-Tassopoulo

Adaption of structures

The demonopolization of pharmaceuticals in Sweden. Policy, actors and arguments (new page)
Jenny Cisneros Örnberg

Pharmaceutical policy-making in Finland. Nordic welfare policy in a market-oriented environment (new page)
Nina Karlsson

Interplay between policy and practice

Multistakeholder alcohol policy. Goal-based and value-based rationalities in an alcohol marketing task force (new page)
Matilda Hellman

From evidence-based policy-making to evidence-based parenting? The ambiguous role of facts in Danish alcohol prevention (new page)
Morten Hulvej Rod

Structural reform as New Public Management policy. Three dilemmas in Danish substance misuse treatment (new page)
Bagga Bjerge

Autonomy and protection in the welfare state. Finnish social workers’ views on alcohol problems (new page)
Michael Egerer, Matilda Hellman &
Pekka Sulkunen

Pushing the limits

From harm reduction to use reduction. The development of Danish cannabis policy (new page)
Kim Møller

Should heroin treatment be provided in Norway? A look at the political debate (new page)
Astrid Skretting

An extreme case of lifestyle regulation. The prohibition of beer in Iceland 1915–1989 (new page)
Helgi Gunnlaugsson


Publikationsår: 2012
Publicerad: 2012-11-09 15:00:00
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  • Folkhälsa
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Frontpage with pathwork of alcohol, drugs and gamecards.

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